Energy and Intuitive Healing

After attending numerous spiritual trainings and connecting with my higher self, I began to notice a very strong healing power within myself. This healing power allows me to help clients move through blocks that they didn’t even know they had at a very rapid pace. In addition, this energy has also helped heal physical pain and emotional grief. Using my Level One and Level Two Reiki attunements, I began incorporating energy healing within my coaching practice.

In addition, I am able to heal people around the globe by setting an intention for their transformational healing. These services are offered both live and online. Please contact Kerissa for more information and to see which services are right for you.


Angel Card Readings

Kerissa uses her intuition by connecting with her higher-self and the angels to use angel cards so that you can receive much needed clarity in any areas of your life.

Distance and Live Intuitive Reiki

Kerissa is Level One & Two Reiki Attuned

Reiki is a healing modality that helps balance your energy system to heal pain and clear emotional blocks.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT is a self-acupressure “tapping” technique that utilizes the Chinese meridian system or energy pathways throughout the body.

Work with Kerissa as your practitioner to breathe fresh air into your healing process, balancing your past with a healthy, productive attitude toward your future.

Personalized HEALING & Manifestation Meditation

Kerissa is a powerful meditation teacher and will create a mediation based on your needs and goals. Whether you want to heal physical pain or attract a new job she can create the perfect meditation experience for you. Meditation has been scientifically proven to boost immunity, balance emotions, lower blood pressure, relieve inflammation, increase fertility, aid in digestion, and calm and quiet the mind.