See what these participants have to say about Kerissa's Events and Coaching!

Betty Karleski

Marketing Consultant/Senior Care Advocate

“How is it possible that someone so young (and beautiful) can be so grounded in the lessons of the universe? After listening to Kerissa speak of her journey from troubled youth to enlightened young adult, I just kept thinking “Wow! If only everyone could know what Kerissa knows without traveling life’s difficult pathways.” Perhaps, it is possible. Contact Kerissa. Listen as she shares her story. Benefit from her years of study. Let her assist you on your journey to a better life. The only things you have to lose are those seemingly insurmountable challenges you face every day.”

Kimberly & Erran Gipson

Creators of Get Fit From Within

“I’ve worked with Kerissa on two different occasions. The first time she helped my husband and I create our business from the ground up. We had already an idea, but we weren’t sure how to execute that idea into action. We knew nothing about business or the online world- we were brand spankin new! Kerissa was an amazing support system for us. She was there to guide us along every step of the way. Whether it was her sending us a video on how to create a PDF, or helping us come up with right price points, or showing us how to get published on the Huffington Post (which I did! yay!), she was always there to help us.

She supported us both practically and spiritually, which was exactly what we needed. Her beautiful, guided meditations allowed us to relax, let go of fears and nerves, and just center into our time together. Those mediations were so powerful. They helped us clear through the blocks that were holding us back, and helped us show up in a big big way!

She was always there. I mean always! lol! I don’t think she ever slept while she worked with us! We would have question after question. I would reach out at 11pm on FB messenger, and she would get right back to me. She was so patient, and she was always there to help us, and if she didn’t know the answer, she would find it and get back to us.

I’m a new coach, and I worked with her one on one to help myself get more confident and comfortable with coaching skills and technique. She is an AH-mazing coach for coaches. She really walks you through the process, she runs scenarios, and gives you great examples of real life situations and how you can work through them. She’s always sending me exercises, handouts, mediations, coaching tips, pretty much anything to help me grow and become a better coach.

Kerissa is so warm and open, and you instantly feel connected and close with her, like your old friends, which helped us feel comfortable right away.

She has invaluable resources, and such a kind, loving heart!! I can’t say it enough- working with Kerissa was an incredible experience, and I feel so blessed to have her as our/my coach.”


Anna Gaspari

Self Mastery Coach

“I am so grateful for Kerissa and the work she does! I was looking to move my business forward. I knew I had the skill set but I was missing the logistics and business strategies of building a spiritual practice online! I gained the knowledge and confidence to fully step into my vision with Kerissa’s guidance! I would recommend Kerissa and the University of Wellness to those seeking to go to a new level in their life and practice (business)!”


Zemirah Jazwierska

Founder of Kids’ Relaxation

“If you want a coach who is an expert at motivating and keeping high energy and passion alive in your business, Kerissa is the ONE. No matter what, she is constant in her unwavering vision of excellence and expansion and helped keep me focused on always spreading my wings. She is full of insight and masterful at getting to underlying beliefs that may be in the way of full on purposeful SHINE. I loved working with her! What a gift.”

Suzanne Adams

Author, Motivational Speaker, & Life Purpose Consultant

“Kerissa is a true vessel of light! She always knew exactly what meditation I needed, when I needed it to help shift my energy. She helped me to create the perfect next steps to take my business to the next level. Kerissa was encouraging, supportive and made me see that I could go bigger faster than I ever thought I could! If you want to up-level your business and your brand quickly, then Kerissa is the perfect business coach for you!”

Cindy Dziwura


“Kerissa’s guidance, gentle direction and advice for me to move out of the fear that I have allowed to dominate my life has really been quite a game changer for me. I feel very comfortable sharing with her what is I believe is holding me back in moving forward in life. When I have felt stuck with not identifying the emotions that I am feeling (since I have suppressed emotions so much the past years) she very patiently allows me to take my time to feel the emotion. Due to her suggestions and willingness to guide me, my life is no longer dominated by the fear I have allowed myself to live. Kerissa pointed me into right direction to move through this world with grace and love.”

Louise Edu
Empowerment Coach for Mompreneurs

“I have been so very blessed to have been the first person to go through the program and I can’t give Kerissa Kuis enough praise! She’s been such a blessing and great mentor in my coaching journey. Throughout the program, she helped to give me extensive knowledge and foundation on all the nine elements of wellness. She also helped me break through some limiting beliefs and has given me the confidence to secure my first coaching clients while still in the program!

When I first started working with Kerissa I had no clue what the coaching world was…I only had the desire and heart to serve. With the her guidance and mentorship, I have flourished into a successful, abundant coach! xo”

Ashley Nissen

Spiritual Life Coach/Therapist

“I truly believe that the Divine brought Kerissa and I together. Since the time we have started working together, there has been amazing energy that I feel every time I talk with her! She has been able to help me work through so many blocks and fears that I had with gentle and loving guidance and has helped me become clear on my goals. She has given me the confidence and tools to be able to create my own spiritual coaching business and has made the process easy and fun. Also, Kerissa ‘s intuition is incredible – every card reading she has done for me has been spot on! It never ceases to amaze me. She is truly a gifted and bright soul!”


Jill Garrett Wolfe

Marketing Director

“Kerissa Kuis is by far one of the best supervisors I have had the pleasure to work for. She is not only a great motivator and business woman she is inspiring to her staff. Kerissa is not afraid to take on new challenges or to question what is right or wrong. It is not easy to come in outside of an organization as a supervisor but Kerissa worked with all of us to make sure we were maximizing our talents and that we were happy. I respect her entrepreneurship, skills, and friendship to this day.”

Beth Caldwell

Author, Columnist, Founder and Instructor for Leadership Academy for Women

“Kerissa presented a workshop for my professional women’s organization. Her presentation was excellent. Her information was relevant, she gave an energetic and interesting talk and the attendees were very interested in receiving more information. I always know I’ve had a successful speaker when the attendees hang around for a long time to chat with the speaker and learn more. I highly recommend Kerissa for a breakout session, workshop or retreat.”

Diane Welsh

Wilfred R. Cameron Wellness Center

“Kerissa is overall the absolute best supervisor that I have had in my so very many years of working. She keeps an open door approach and truly cares about her employees. Also, Kerissa is a very likeable and wonderful person who has the biggest heart. She is extremely motivated and has a burning desire to truly make a difference.”

Cathy McKinnon

“I had the pleasure of attending the “See It. Believe It. Be It” retreat held at Nemacolin Woodlands on January 10, 2015 led by Kerissa Kuis. The day was filled with learning how to discover and confront your deepest fears, how to overcome them, how to turn all the negatives into positives, and how to manifest your dreams. We had beautiful singing bowl meditations with Linda Martin, and with Janet McKee’s help we learned how to take care of ourselves with holistic approaches toward healthy eating.

As a result of what I learned during the retreat, and continuing the lessons, I have learned to recognize and have already conquered many of my fears. My confidence has increased tremendously, and I now have more self-esteem than ever before. I was always so negative about everything, but now I am able to look at the events in my life with new insight and look at current situations with a positive attitude. I now have a more positive outlook regarding my future. I am so much happier, and there is so much to be grateful for when you change your thought patterns. It is amazing, even in the short time since the retreat, the wonderful things that have manifested in my life. I look forward to each new day to see what will happen, how I can help someone, and bring God’s love to everyone I meet.

I highly recommend this retreat for everyone. With Kerissa’s help, taking you step by step, you will also become who you were meant to be and have the life you’ve always wanted and were created for. Thank you Kerissa for the fabulous work you are doing to help others live their lives in a positive light. God has truly blessed you with a beautiful gift.”

Kathie Stiner

Business & Life Coach

“On My birthday last week I set an intention to be open to any and all opportunities that came my way to try and make the most of my unplanned day. My Spirit Junkie sister, Kerissa Kuis, reached out to wish me a happy birthday & offered to help me work through a major block I was having with my Business. Normally I would gratefully decline, but I honored my intention & accepted. After finishing our talk today, I’m sooooo thankful that the Universe conspired for this meeting. She’s exactly what I needed at this exact moment. Speaking with her showed me all the Synchronicities in my life that have lead me to this very moment. On the brink of a major breakthrough. Her words uplifted my spirit & took away feelings of separation & loneliness I’ve been feeling. I’m really looking forward to the next 10 weeks with you, Kerissa. Thank you for being my light at the end of a very long & dark tunnel. I’ve come so far and I can’t give up now. You renewed my hope and faith.”

Katie Lynn

Heart Centered Psychotherapist

“Since working with Kerissa I have launched a website, my online store and have learned to embrace all of the amazing opportunities that come with showing up fully aligned in my divine purpose. Kerissa is a true gift, dedicated to supporting her client’s in their journey. She shares powerful insight from her own personal experience and has supported my journey every step of the way, calling me forward into a life that is full of miracles and gratitude. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Kerissa, it has taken my business and my life to the next level!”

Molly Backus


“I attended Kerissa’s May Cause Miracles class. It has really opened up my perspective. It has taught me so much about myself that I didn’t even know before! Prepare to dig deep and learn that everything in life is a lesson, good or bad. My personal life during this course was quite eventful and full of miracles! I can’t thank Kerissa enough for really opening the doors of what all there is to learn in this line of work, and that anything is possible. Kerissa was just the inspiration I needed to get back on the right path. I can’t wait to follow A Course in Miracles now that I’ve been introduced to what all there is to offer. This class was exactly what I needed and couldn’t have had better timing. “

Nancy Politan

Executive Director, Nerium

“Most people fail to actively pursue their dreams, because many times fear stands in the way.  Overcoming that fear, and striving to become the best version of you, is an innate quality that can surely be achieved with assistance.  That’s just what Kerissa’s passion focuses on – helping others achieve those goals.

I have known Kerissa for several years, and have seen her desires come to light in her pursuit of knowledge, The University of Wellness, and her business expansion throughout the world.  I’ve taken her class “May Cause Miracles” and experienced breakthroughs in several areas, which ultimately have helped make subtle changes –which ultimately lead to radical changes in my life.

If you’re looking to commit with a coach, or take a class to become a better you – I would highly recommend contacting Kerissa – she’s awesome…and straight up fearless.”