The Best Decision I Ever Made for my Business


We all have had someone significantly impact our lives and whether it was through their actions or words, what they said or what they did forever changed our lives. One of those people for me has been life coach, author and spiritual teacher Gabrielle Bernstein. Prior to attending Gabrielle’s level one and two trainings, I felt like I was alone in my purpose. After attending both of these trainings, not only did I feel more ready to step out fully as a spiritual teacher, but I felt like I had a tribe that would support me in everything that I did. Getting to these trainings involved taking big risks, but I took the leap and never looked back. Every single person that attended those trainings are now fortunately my friends, mentors and business partners. I truly believe that attending Gabrielle’s training was the greatest decision I ever made for my business.

Watching Gabby step up and help others in such a big way has inspired me to do the same. I have been teaching A Course in Miracles and Manifest Miracles for the past five years, but this training has allowed me to evolve to the next level. I do not even recognize the person I was prior to this training.

I also now do kundalini meditations regularly and use many of the prayers and practices from Gabby’s trainings to help me out of the ego game so that I can step out as a teacher that channels the divine. One of the things that I have heard her say that has really stuck out was that “this work is not about you.” Often when practicing as a spiritual teacher, my ego likes to tell me that I am not worthy. But since meeting Gabby, I constantly remind myself that my work is about helping others live a better life. This reminder helps me get out of the ego so that I can step up fully to assist in the healing of others.

When I first started out on my spiritual journey, most of my teachers were older and had passed on. When I was led to Gabby’s teachings it felt amazing to hear this taught by someone from my generation that applied more to my life. After reading her books, I felt connected to her and even more eager to pursue my calling as a spiritual teacher. It was so beautiful to hear someone tell a story that I could personally relate too. What was most surprising about her story was that Gabby had a spiritual awakening in October of 2005 that caused her to change the negative path that she was on. When I read this, I was mind blown because that was exactly the same month and year that I had one. It seems as if many people who have similar missions get called on synchronistic dates. This confirmed that she had a huge purpose in my life and still absolutely does. I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have received such amazing guidance from Gabby that I am now able to share and pass onto others. The information and guidance I have received from her has been truly invaluable.

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