Week Thirteen Straight Up Fearless Friday Challenge!

This week we are revisiting our fear-conquering challenge! By completing the challenge you can win a copy of Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Your Erroneous Zones!


Your Straight Up Fearless Challenge - Conquer Your Fears
Simply take a moment and write down as many of your FEARS that are holding you back that you can think of. These fears are keeping you from doing things that you truly desire to do.


Choose one of these fears and make the decision to take one action toward conquering it. If you can step out and conquer the whole fear, DO IT!

However, taking small steps toward your dreams is just as powerful!

It’s a great idea to put up notes to remind you of your challenge this week!




For your chance to win a copy of Your Erroneous Zone,
comment either on Facebook or directly on my blog telling us what fear you’re choosing to conquer!

You may also share a picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that inspires you to live excuse free!

Don’t forget the hashtag #StraightUpFearless so I can find your post!

I will check out every submission received and will send a copy of Your Erroneous Zones
by Dr. Wayne Dyer to whoever touches my heart the most.

Entries are due by 12PM EST Friday, April 1.



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